The Good The Bad and The Ugly with Pay Per Click


Being an online marketer for over 10 years I have ran across so many instances where a customer would immediately shoot down the concept of pay per click advertising. The problem with pay per click is that it is a double edged sword and can grow your business rapidly or rapidly deplete your budget. In this post I want to outline the good and bad of pay per click and things to consider when advertising online.


The Good:

Pay Per Click advertising has been working for a long time and will continue to work and here a few reasons why.

1. There is no faster way to receive instant keyword placement to a direct audience

2. Advancements with Geo Targeting and Demographic Targeting allows brands to pin point there ideal customer ppc and adwords quality scoreprofile.

3. Split testing and multivariate testing can be more efficient with ppc due to the ability to create instant high traffic volume.

4. Finding keywords that perform can help you guide your organic content plan. AKA SEO Recon

5. Google’s Ad performance tools like quality score can help you identify poor landing Pages.


The Bad:

Even though pay per click is a good tool, here is the other side of the double edge sword.

1. A first time ad campaign user may not setup there bids and campaign properly which could be very costly $$$$

2. Certain industries don’t perform as well as others while using PPC

3. Google adwords is a vast growing tool and can become overwhelming for newbie’s. With additions like insights, experiments conversion tracking ect.

4. Click fraud is a risk and still happens whether Google says so or not.

5. Bidding wars can inflate markets and make it difficult to develop ROI


The Ugly:

1. Most Ad Managers fail to understand important metrics and usually over bid by a high percent squandering $$$$$

2. PPC resellers take advantage of peoples knowledge by reselling traffic

3. Click Bombs using tools like Amazons Mechanical Turk Happen!…Fact not Fiction

4. Most websites fail to succeed from pay per click because of poor structure and design and extremely low quality scores.

5. A high percentage of business owners are being ripped off every day by PPC Managers.


Closing Thoughts:

These few items are just the tip of the iceberg with PPC. Ask your self a few questions if your spending budget on PPC. Are you using this tool correctly? Are you outsourcing this Service? If so are you informed? Don’t’ Take risks. Control your brand and budget today!