Task 27 Social Network Marketing with Slideshows

Did you know that one of the best social traffic sources is based around Powerpoint slideshows??  Web-integrated slideshows are not only a great form of marketing, but also a helpful tool for providing boring stats in a fun, exciting, and shareable interface.  Today’s task is all about Slideshare.net.  At slideshare, you can import a Microsoft Powerpoint file, optimize it, and then embed it within one of your blog posts.  Make sure to watch the video below for a quick overview, and follow the top tips below…

SlideShare transcribes your presentation into text. It’s this text that search engines most rely on to understand what the content of your presentation is about. So while there’s no magical keyword density percentage, you should make sure that your presentation is focused and uses the keyword(s) you wish to rank for frequently.

The title of your SlideShare presentation winds up being the browser title in search results. This is an important factor, so make your title informative, concise and keyword rich.

The description of your SlideShare presentation winds up being your meta description. So while you could blather on for 3000 characters I’d work on crafting a ~150 character description that met both user syntax and intent.

There’s no doubt that Tweets, Likes, Shares and +1s impact the ranking of a SlideShare presentation. By how much is unknown, but getting this type of distribution can only help your SEO efforts.

Of course links to the presentation are also extremely valuable. The embed that SlideShare provides also creates a nice backlink to your presentation. The default anchor text used is the title of the presentation, yet another reason to get your title right.